January 18, 2014@11:43 PM
So I'm on the World Odyssey Tour right now and we are currently in New York. I'm so done with this. 

This trip would've been so enjoyable if I wasn't sick for pretty much half of it (and still am). It only started off with an itchy throat for 5 days but I then I had a bit of a fever for 2 days and from then super runny nose for a few and from then until now I still have a runny nose and an itchy throat. But to add to that my rib cage started hurting so much that I had to is out going to Broadway last night since I knew I wouldn't be able to enjoy it anyway. 

After telling Ms B (mama B) that I couldn't go I went back up and took se panadol. I was facetiming my dad and some other relatives for an hour or so and whinging to them :L I've just felt so homesick these past few days and I miss my family so much :(

But an hour after I finally decided to go to sleep, I threw up. I was so fucking done. I was gonna call mama B's room but I got the wrong number so it didn't work so I tried calling her mobile but apparently there's something wrong with her phone. Nothing worked and there was no one to contact and I just sat there feelings mega homesick. I actually thought I was going to start crying right there. But before I did, I called her room once more and it transferred to the operator and she forwarded the call to Mama B. She came to my room and stayed with me until everyone else came back from broadway and that made me feel so much better (mentally anyway).

I can't wait for the end of the tour jfc

January 1, 2014@6:00 AM
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! Wow we have to start getting used to writing 2014 now :')

So 2013 has been pretty hectic with HSC and everything ^^" Who knew year 12 would be over so quickly. All that last minute cramming; stressing before a test; then just winging it cos there was just no energy left to stress about it anymore; and finally it was over. I know that I could've studied harder and there were times - alot of times actually - when I've slacked off. But I'm happy with my efforts because I never would've thought that I could even get over 95 and ^^ I've had pretty bad studying and homework habits since junior years so I still tried my best to concentrate and hopefully I will be able to study harder next year in uni.

I reckon the highlight of this year, as with any other year was meeting new people as well as getting even closer with my friends. I've met many awesome and outgoing people from cosplay or just through friends and all of them have just made this year a blast and not as stressful for me. Without the destress karaoke sessions or just hanging out at caps, I don't think I could've survived this year so well^^

I guess another thing that has happened this year is that I became a fujoshi. HAHAHAHA I don't know if it's a good or bad thing :'D It all just started with wondering why so many of my friends loved yaoi so much. Man I did not understand at all before. So, since you really shouldn't say something is bad without even giving it a chance, I searched yaoi something (I forgot what it was) but the thing that came up was 'Koisuru Boukun' so without even knowing what it was about I watched it. I'm so glad that was what I watched first because it was just so cute I can't even ;w; MIDORIN IS GOD OKAY. But yeah... being a fujoshi is happiness =w=

So okay new year resolutions hmmmm.....
  1. Well I start uni next year so I guess to actually study hard and aim higher than just passing. I'm not 100% sure what course I'll actually be doing in the end and without trying it I don't know if I'll like it but hopefully I will enjoy studying the course I've chosen.
  2. Cosplay more!! and hopefully be bothered to do shoots. We keep talking about doing this cosplay and that cosplay and doing this shoot etc etc but we never really bothered to organise or start anything :L I reckon the summer heat was part of the laziness. I didn't even manage to finish making my Mary cos ;~; Hopefully, I will be able to balance uni and cosplay (and work holy shit I need to find a job) this coming year
  3. Find a job jfc I wish I had a money tree
  4. Cook more!! After (and kinda a bit before) the HSC exams I've started baking quite alot and it's nice to relax by baking or cooking. It's also a nice way to spend with family, cooking for/with them^^
  5. Read more books. Seriously, I need to cut down how much manga I read and read more books. My KK got me 'The Fault in our Stars' and I'm actually really excited to read it but I didn't want to bring it on the Euro trip in case it got tattered or I lost it. So I'm planning to read it when I go to China since I probably won't have anything else to do with my cousin busy preparing for his uni exams.
So, I wish all the best for everyone this coming year^^ 今年もよろしく!そして,がんばろうね!