September 9, 2012@4:00 PM
So I was looking through my stuff trying to find a notebook to write in. Then I found an exercise book I used in Primary with a title page "Poems"

Paul lost his ball,
Couldn't find it anymore.
So he opened the door,
Had a fall,
Fell flat on the floor,
And found his ball.

I have no idea what Year 4 me was thinking but this is going right in the childhood :')

September 6, 2012@12:24 PM

Haha this blog is so dead and the fact that I'm blogging right now just shows how much I don't want to study for Eco ==" WHAT AM I GONNA DO FAAAAAAAAAA A WHOLE 13 CHAPTERS OF CRAP I NEED TO LEARN BY TOMORROW

Aishh I've actually been studying quite alot these few days. This is the most I've studied my whole life O_O Anyway, I have a new obsession lately. REBORN SEIYUUS <3 :3=":3" adorable="adorable" and="and" arashi="arashi" are="are" but="but" derps="derps" div="div" homg="homg" in="in" just="just" looks="looks" love="love" one="one" rebocon="rebocon" sexy="sexy" still="still" such="such" their="their" they="they" thing="thing" voices="voices" were="were">

But one thing that made me go wtf wait huh WUT was when I found out the person who voiced Squalo (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) also voiced Kikumaru Eiji (Prince of Tennis)....... wtf O_O that's real talent.... how can someone have such a versatile voice. To add to that he was also Hisoka's (Hunter X Hunter) voice actor O_O Cannot unhear XD

..... I need to get off Youtube and study