August 22, 2012@8:44 PM

I haven't blogged in so long O__O plus I want to change my lay but alksjdfhaksljhf so much I want to do little time ;A;

I have started to do some work at night.... lol 'cool story bro' thanks bro
fark why is it so hard to just sit down and do work huh ._. People just amaze me with their ability to stay focused in class o-o aishh I really need to start studying for the prelims.

I've just been obsessing myself over Ib recently. For those who don't know what Ib is, it's a rpg style horror game and although the graphics are 'how-the-hell-would-these-graphics-be-scary' lovely, it is actually pretty scary. I've played it twice since I didn't get the ending I wanted since I wasn't 'nice' enough to Garry and the ending you get depends on how you play. Ahh Ib and Garry are so cute :3 Even though Ib is like what, 8?? and Garry's 20 something :L That's not creepy at all ;D

If they made a manga or anime on this I would definitely read/watch it -w- A drama or a movie would just ruin it

My English is so bad that I'm scared I won't even be able to handle Standard English next term ==" I'm gonna set a goal for myself to read at least one book this holiday...


that was my goal last holiday ==" orz