June 27, 2012@9:26 PM
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LOL I finally went and watched Avengers :3 It was so good XD and and and and tony stark was so alkjfhksdlajhf ♥

The 12.30 session either sold out or the website lied to us so we had to wait until the 2.45 session :/ So off we went to Dymocks. Me, with the horrible sense of direction led us the wrong way and so we went down and up and left and right when we could've just went straight along the street :L Can't trust me to take you to places I've never actually made my own way to :L

Anyway it was a strike today but maybe since holidays are just 3 days away, it felt like holidays have already started and I was pretty sad when I remembered I still had school tomorrow :/

meh gonna go sleep now, I've been sleep deprived for the past few days. The bad thing about having an iphone is it's very tempting to watch videos and read manga in bed =="

June 12, 2012@9:50 PM
I realised I don't take my subjects at school seriously enough, not even Jap, which is saying something. I'm not even sure why I chose to do Jap in the first place. Maybe it was because it sounded fun and I could understand my dramas and anime better :/ Jap at school has become so boring now. I miss the old teacher. Mrs G is just.... yea O_O I'm really reconsidering taking up extension next year :S

Bad-ish good news: I got a job interview :D But I think there's gonna be alot of people there since the email said that I could bring friends if they were interested and they're probably just wanting to see how many people are actually interested and not hire anyone :/ To go or not to go? To trek of not to trek?

Aishh... why couldn't they just called the people that they were actually thinking of hiring instead of calling everyone up and giving them false hope....crey crey I want a job =="

I'm so sleepy and I haven't gotten anything done yet again.... I can't remember the last time I actually sat down to do homework and didn't procrastinate ._. ヤバイヤバイ (ノ_・。)

June 11, 2012@12:17 PM

It's the Queen's birthday today!! PUBLIC HOLIDAY YERHYERHYERH

Anyway I've enjoyed the long weekend of lazing around and LOL-ing. But wtf I'm still so shit ==" Aishh I need to play more Bot games to improve :/ Playing with me on your team is like having a handicap AHAHAHA

Well...at least this lump of health improved and got a kill :D

Ahh watching Digimon Tamers now....lol what of my life XD I realised I never finished it :L

The weather is so gloomy and cold ._. I don't wanna go to school tomorrow.....

June 8, 2012@10:01 PM
Thank god for the Queen..... 's birthday. LONG WEEKENDS WOOT WOOT

More lazing around and doing practically nothing -w-
Farhh I need to find a job soon :/ But getting rejected is just so depressing TAT
Might try to apply for chinese restaurants if I get rejected again =="

The few chapters I've been reading these few days (Jiraiya and Itachi's death) have been so sad. WAEEEE MUST YOU KILL OFF EVERYONE D;


Anyway right now I shall make the decision of lol or ff or more naruto :/

June 6, 2012@9:47 PM
I had dentist appointment today. I hate him. Why can't it be the woman. No, I'm not sexist. He just a crappy job that's all. But meh teeth doesn't hurt so I won't complain anymore.
Went out for Jap food tonight. 2 piece of meat; 4 pieces of sushi; a tontoro skewer; a huge bowl of nabeyaki udon; ramune. The cold makes you hungry but. Damn, I feel sick....
Gah morning class tomorrow. I should really sleep now.
I bought indoor socks today from Daiso. They so duh fluffay :)
I need a new lay...or at least I need to fix this one anyway. The Spam on my tagboard is bugging me but I'm too much of a lazy bum to delete it.
My tired brain isn't letting me think properly. Sleep. Nao


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June 3, 2012@12:43 PM

I haven't even watched Waku Waku Gakkou yet...... I feel like such a bad fangirl...... since all I've been final fantasy 9-ing and reading Naruto all week :L and nothing else :'D

Oh well, although I gave up on watching Naruto Shippuuden, I remember why I used to be obsessed with Naruto ages ago :L ahh the memories :')

I went to Grill'd with usagi-chan yesterday and omgooooooooooooooooooooosh it was so nice :OOOOO
Then we chilled at our pool afterwards. I wore leggings that day jsut so I could roll them up and put my feet in the spa XD but her jeans were skinnies so LOLOLOLOL by the end, she didn't even care and just put her feet in along with her jeans :L

It was still kinda early so we went to her house afterwards and watched the Voice alone with her mom and their roomate :) omg her mom is so funny and awesome XD

I shall run along now....to figure out why my iPad won't connect to my computer =="
and continue reading naruto :3