March 4, 2012@10:31 PM

LOL it was Mardi Gras yesterday....and we went to the city :L But we didn't go to see the Mardi Gras though. We went to celebrate me and my friend's birthday since Saturday was in between both our birthdays :)

First we went to caps which of course made me waste my money again ==" Then we went G world and played tekken......then me and usagi-chan went to play a game of ddr. After a game of light, we decided to challenge standard....with a hard song....damn that was embarassing TAT

Anyhoos we went to this korean bbq place and it was so nice :3 but halfway through it, the fire was just going crazy and the waitress came and changed our gauze thing.

Afterwards, we decided to go for dessert, so we went to this board game cafe, but the funny thing was the person who came to put down our orders was a girl who was SRC at our school XDDDD I was just like "woah are you ______?" yea she probably thought I was a stalker at first ;D because I've never said hi to her so she doesn't know that I go to her school ;L

Anyway, when we were going back, the trains were so delayed and the train trip took 1 hour ==" Oh well, overall, it was fun (Y)

Oh Oh Oh and I spent the whole day today making my gloves for cosplay....took so long to make ==" They better not break during the day or something :O

Okay, sleep now :)

March 1, 2012@6:40 PM

It is Wang's birthday today^^ I gave her the shirt with the one piece pictures printed on both sides :3 So yeah HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO WANG^^ (even though she probably wont see this lol)

So yerp I changed my lay^^ Miyabi (雅) isn't actually for that J-rock god in the form of a guitarist ;D but it is my chinese name and I'm happy to share the same name kukuku :3

Anyway going out to dinner now :3