July 28, 2011@9:46 PM

Year 10 SRCs had to attend this Moorefield Against Discrimination Event today. I thought it was gonna be boring but it was actually pretty fun :)

There were SRCs from other schools too and one of the girls I met WAS AN ARASHI FAN!!! But sadly, I forgot to ask her what her last name was so I couldn't add her on facebook....lol. It's just so rare to find Jpopers in Australia, let alone Arashi fans ><. She was a halfie and she was half jap ;_; She's so lucky~ and she's going to their concert in January. ALSKJDFHSALKHFLSKAJHF Why is life so unfair ;A;

But anyway, today was pretty fun.

and I should really start doing my pe....soon.

Oh and my piano exam is on the 2nd of September ==" omg I'm gonna fail. scales is gonna bring me down.

July 27, 2011@9:40 PM

but I should be doing my pe assignment. I wonder when I'll actually start @_@ I really can't be bothered and it's just pe anyway. Not like I get good marks to start with.

NO CLASSES TOMORROW (: Because year 10 src's are going to Moorefield Girls to attend some 'MAD day' thing. Idek. It sounds boring actually ._. and we're gonna miss a meeting about subject selection! I'll have to ask someone about what it was about afterwards =="

I feel so proud of myself today. I finished my tutor homework. I haven't done it since like ....maybe last year O_O She gave us all a consistent for homework even though we didn't even hand in any last term. I SHOULD BE GETTING AN EXCELLENT THIS TIME >:D

Anyway, sleep for me now. I remembered to turn the electric blanket on. My bed looks really warm and soft and welcoming.

July 24, 2011@12:12 AM
3 Gatsu 9 Ka (3月9日) - original by Remioromen. I'll say this is my favourite cover by Nino, although it's not a cover from baystorm (his radio show), I still like it. Partly, because I absolutely love Remioromen and their songs and because this song was my favourite OST from 1 litre of tears. and yea....he's playing the guitar here as well ♥

ORION - original by Nakashima Mika (中島美嘉). I also like this one because it's so pretty :3 It's a bit high of course, because it's sung by Nakashima Mika, who of course is female and her songs get really high so I really liked this cover as well.

Anyway, I've been eating way too much today because we went snacks shopping today and seeing that coles was having sales on so much shit, we bought so much snacks and I just can't stop eating ==" It's past midnight but I'm still eating chocolate ._.

I swear I'll start swimming again when it gets warmer ...

I love this adorable dork ♥

Today was the first day of Term 3 Year 10 ==" I miss the holidays immensely already.
I said I would do my pe assignment and geography homework tonight but I ended up procrastinating and reading Arashi fanfic... WHY D: It wasn't even that good anyway ._. got bored after a few chapter -__-

I FINALLY FINISHED DOWNLOADING QUIZ SHOW II :D But now when I finish watching this as well, I'll have to find another drama to watch :/ どうしよ(・_・)

July 18, 2011@9:50 PM

OMG it's school tomorrow (ノд-。) this is so depressing. This holiday arashi-drama-and-variety-show-wise has been very productive but homework-wise, not at all. I still need to print out my srp poster thing. Oh and let's just hope everything goes fine because it's due tomorrow and I'm buying the cardboard tomorrow.... how could I forget that our class has Zhang first =="

And then there's the geography assignment, which I did a third of and gave up. The pe assignment shouldn't take that long I think, but just the thought of getting more commerce and maths homework is just alskfdlkasjf. WAE IS SCHOOL SO HOMO :<

I just finished watching uta no onii-san today. LOL yes I started today ;D But I skipped some of the boring bits though and there were onnly 8 episodes, but it was good^^ I love how arashi always does those relays when they have dramas. Like when one member has a drama, the member who has a drama next will always appear as a guest appearance in at least one episode of his drama. In Oh-chan's 'uta no onii-san' SHO-CHAN CAME ♥

but soon, I'm gonna run out of arashi dramas to watch :'( oh well, as long as their weekly variety shows don't end I'll be happy (●´ω`●)

Anyway, sleep for me now.

July 17, 2011@11:22 PM
watching him cry was just so heartbreaking :'( but good acting bb~

I finished my srp poster....kinda ._. I just copy and pasted from my report...and I haven't gotten cardboard yet but meh I don't give a shit anymore.

I finished watching My Girl tonight. Cried so much watching it TTATT It was the sweetest thing I've watched in a while but I still don't get why she doesn't call Aiba dad even in the end D: Arashi's so talented at everything :') It's so heartbreaking watching them cry in dramas D': especially Maou, which I finished yesterday. Maou wasn't a sad movie but I nearly cried T_T

But oh well. I'm getting kicked off the laptop. My sleeping pattern's fucked so yeah...

@12:18 AM
(via vsarashi@tumblr)

I finished watching Maou today. The ending was so cute and sad, I nearly cried :'( But I would've preferred a different ending but oh well, it was a happy-ish ending.

AND I DOWNLOADED GANTZ. OMGOMGOMGOMG I wanna put it on a dvd and watch it on TV XD I've watched it before in Hong Kong but it is definitely a movie I would watch again.

So much in the past few days!! Arashi went on Music Station last night and performed 'Mada Minu Sekai E' from their new album 'Beautiful World'. WHAT ARE OVARIES.

And I just finished watching Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac. It would've been pretty good I guess if I didn't keep skipping through. In the end, I didn't actually understand what that was about ._. Oh well. It had Matsuken and Tegoshi Yuya in it ♥

And I just realised how trully fucked I am for the first day of school. Our class has to hand in our srp poster 2nd period that day o-o I HAVEN'T EVEN BOUGH THE DAMN CARDBOARD YET WHUT?! shit == I'm gonna cram tomorrow... and I need to finish off geography since I was only a third done. And no, I haven't forgotten about the pe assignment =="

But let's just forget about the sad thing now. I'm watching Mr. Hong Kong pageant. It's funny because the final 4 are quite asdlkfjhasljk only one of them is okay.

...okay lol the winner just got chosen. haha he looks like taeyang XD but less hot LOL

Anyway, sleep for me now (´・ω・`)

July 14, 2011@9:56 PM
Someone knows their facts ;)
lol I know I lame....

I think I ate too much today ._. I got this buy Oporto one hamburger get one free coupon from my friend when we were playing pass the parcel at her party, so I thought I'd use it today since my grandma suggested that we eat today after piano lessons. So when I got back at about 2.30, we went to get the burgers.

But when we got back, I was like "ooh let's eat" but she was told me she already ate.....

Haha and seeing that it was so yummy, I ate both of the Double chicken fillet Oprego burgers.....and I ate dinner like normally as well :/

My stomach feel funny now == yea I think I ate too much ._.

Meh, I'll sleep later tonight, so I can digest the burgers and gyu-don =="

Anyhoo, I'm watching Maou right now. At first I was still deciding if I should watch it or not, because I hate seeing my husbands as the bad guy :( BUT OMG HE'S THE HOTTEST EVIL DEVIL LAWYER EVER ♥

Aaahhh...I need to do my work, でもやりたくな~い(ノд-。)

July 13, 2011@12:18 AM
(via lightsaltedcrack@tumblr)

I really need to start doing my assignments. Especially the ones due on the first week back ;_; WHICH IS NEXT WEEK (゚ロ゚;) I. AM. SO. SCREWED. FUCK.

I have actually been kinda busy the first week because everyone decided to plan everything in the first week ==" But two days of the second week have already passed and have I done anything productive? NOOOOOO T_T

I've found some information on the report we had to write for the geography fieldwork research assignment but I haven't actually read over it or done anything other than that ._.

I should stop watching and downloading arashi related videos. As my friend said, it's an unhealthy obsession.

But then it's not really unhealthy since I'm happy :) It just means I waste too much time and then therefore cram too much and therefore lack of sleep.

But I will start tomorrow. I will try anyway :/

LOL I just checked my harddrive and apparently I have 40 GBs of arashi videos. Yes, my HD does shit rainbows ;D

July 10, 2011@5:27 PM
I went to city on Saturday with my friend who's a massive Arashi fan as well :3

We went kinokuniya first and I bought two magazines^^ I was gonna buy Nippon no Arashi as well but I didn't bring enough money that day :'( FANGIRLING IS GONNA MAKE ME BROKE D':

And my friend just told me today that she went to Kino again and there's only 1 copy of Nippon no Arashi left. ONE FRIIKIN COPY D':

Ordering it is gonna be such a pain (-д-)

After going to Kino, we went to karaoke in Mizuya. Too bad it only has the instrumental cos it would be so much better being able to sing with Arashi (well, their voices anyway :3). I was so full I couldn't finish the ice-cream we ordered in the end Dx and we were so busy singing we couldn't be bothered to finish the ice-cream anyway.

We went to take purikuras after that and when we were deciding which machine to use, I saw Larissa (:

Anyway, I just realised how much shit I was supposed to be doing in the holidays ==" srp poster, science assignment, geography fieldwork, and pe assignment, commerce, history and maths homework to catch up with ._. orz

July 8, 2011@10:55 PM
I went to my friend's birthday party today and the theme of the party was 'come as your inner 6 year old' so everyone (well nearly everyone) came in either plaits or pigtails^^

IT WAS SO FUN OMG SHE HIRED A JUMPING CASTLE :O But I didn't bring my camera so I didn't take any photos :(

We went on a high and since there were about 10 people trying to jump around in the jumping castle, we basically kept on bumping and tripping over each other XD But it was so fun and I had so much food :3

I haven't had so much fun in ages XD So now I'm tired. When I got home today, I literally just lay on the couch and started sleeping until my gran told me to take a shower first. I continued sleeping after shower :L

I'm going to karaoke and kinokuniya with my arashi fan friend tomorrow so I shall go sleep now LOL and wake up tomorrow to my arashi ringtone. Goodnight. :)


舞花 〜マイ・フラワー /竹渕慶 (Composed by her and a friend)

Mine/Taylor Swift(Cover)

July 7, 2011@1:04 PM

I saw denise yesterday ;)

I went to city yesterday for my friends Year 6 reunion. It was actually more like a 'all-these-randoms-who-don't-know-each-other' outing :L But it was okay.

First we were gonna go to secret room and karaoke, but neither of them were open yet :( so we ended up going to market city and galaxy world. After that, the group of 20 something people finaly split lol and the other group disappeared off to darling harbour while we went to k, but it was kinda fail since everyone kept passing the mic to someone else :L

After about an hour of yelling and screaming, I went to get my shoes with Mish, while the others went off to buy their stuff. I bought a McNuggets meal to eat on the train since mish said it was time to go, but we ended up sitting at Market City to eat and dnm :D.

July 4, 2011@10:47 PM
(via miss-j@tumblr)

lol it's also Gackt and Massu's birthday today as well :3

I finally bothered to make a new lay :) But the entries link thingy wouldn't work so I couldn't be bothered to figure out how to fix it ._.

I went formal dress shopping today~ At first I thought I'd never find a dress I liked. BUT thanks to denise for telling me about ally I found it!!! So relieved LOL

But then looking for shoes was the hard part ==" The heels I tried on were all either too long and I couldn't work properly because my heels would slip out of the shoe, or it was too tight at the front =="

But then I went walking around chinatown and saw these pretty heels with like a chain decoration at the back and they were the most comfortablest ones I've found so far :O But size 36 was a little tiny tiny tiny bit too tight and they didn't have 37 so I couldn't try it == The shop keeper said that it will seem tight because it's new and that it'll stretch but after some consideration I didn't buy it ._.

LOLOL But I change my mind. I'm gonna go buy them on Wednesday ;D Hope they still have them :/

Anyway, I'm tired from walking and sleepy from being high with Tracy =w= Still need to get those shoes and a blazer that actually suits this dress -.- This is gonna take forever...

July 2, 2011@12:47 AM
It is holiday today^^

But I'm so sleepy. For a second I was gonna stay up till 2 to listen to Aiba's radio show....BUT I FORGOT HE'S IN HOSPITAL D':

Aishh...got so much planned for the holidays. So much to do and buy, so little money $_____$