Aiba's lung collapsed again the day before yesterday :'( He's hospitalised now and will be let out again a week later. But after that, he still needs to rest for a while. BB's going through a lot right now. #getwellsoonaiba :'(

When my friend told me what she saw on tokyohive, I was so sad :( I kept whining and whining during the whole english lesson and train trip. My friend was like "OMG SHUDDUP YOU'RE NOT EVEN RELATED TO HIM OR ANYTHING"

and I was like, "yea i am. He's my future husband. ;) problem?"

Okay 30 day arashi challenge. Hmm a rumour about any member aye :/ That would probably have to be the MAOTSUJUN rumour.

There was a rumour that Matsujun and Inoue Mao were actually a couple in real life and not just in Hana Yori Dango. THEY ARE SOO CUUUUTE TOGETHER. I think the rumour started when fans compared pictures of them and they had the same shoes. And there was also another two pictures where they had the same bracelet or something. But yea. They have all my blessings.

Today was the second last day and it was so bludge because so many people were at band fest and nearly a third of the classes were gone.

AND TOMORROW IS DAH LAST DAY OF TERM 2!!!!! It's gonna be such a long and boring day tomorrow. Especially the last period. But we're getting our reports in period 3 :/ I did so bad this year, even though I said I'll try harder this year :P

Anyway, I'm sleepy now. That is all.

June 25, 2011@11:43 PM

I had north shore today...and we had a awkward sub

At first she had her back towards me so I didn't know who she was so I thought maybe they were still in the class before maths. But then my friends told me to come in and I was like oh a sub....

then she turned around.

Then I thought, crap, she's a family friend.

And my friend had to make it even more awkward by talking REALLY LOUDLY about their party and how much alchi and decks they need to buy and not giving a shit about what she was saying. srsly gaiz do you have to discuss it now ==

I hope she doesn't go blabbering off to my rents telling them how I don't listen in class because I DO LISTEN Dx I did more work today than I did in the past few weeks.

Anyway, I was bored then so I was looking through and editing some of the photos I took on my trip to Taiwan :3

Me sleepy now. Me sleep.

June 21, 2011@10:32 PM

LOL Sho's new haircut still amuses me :L

I FINISHED MY SCIENCE HOMEWORK FINALLY ==" The only reason I don't think I want to to do evolution next year as a subject is because duffy's teaching it. I don't get why people say she's such a good teacher. I DON'T LIKE THE WAY SHE TEACHES D: I hate teachers who just give you sheets and sheets and homework and tells you to do them. I learn better he or she dictates notes to me and talks about it ;_; I really don't like duffy at all ._.

My laptop has finally failed me T^T At first it was just iTunes that didn't work but now, PHOTOSHOP ISN'T WORKING. So right now, I have no photoshop until my brother has time to reformat my laptop for me because I'm too noob to know how to reformat it myself LOL.

We had the beep test today. Although my mark's not good, I'm pretty happy with it^^ I improved since last year so meh me happy :3 I got 4.1 last year and this year I got 5.1 8D I was already so tired and actually really dizzy when we reached 4. My vision was going blurry == I really suck at running. But at lunch my friend said I had to get 5, because 5 is like normal so I pushed myself and when I went past 5.1 I just couldn't go anymore.

That concludes the last beep test I'll ever have. YUSSSSSSS

I should sleep now. I haven't had decent sleep in ages. The beep test already tired me out. My legs still feel like jelly. My eye lids are already starting to droop. Goodnight people. Goodnight my pretty sho-chan ;D

June 18, 2011@1:02 AM

It is ...well was Nino's birthday today^^ I got tired and couldn't be bothered to blog until now LOL.

And I can't stop rewatching their new PV over and over again. THE DANCE. I MUST LEARN IT OMG!!!!

Well, I slept really early last night because I was so tired. I actually fell asleep while playing piano. There's a bed right behind me chair when I play the piano, so I just laid back but before I knew it, I fell asleep :L Then after like about half an hour or more, my grandma came in to tell me it was dinner and she was literally like "oi, wake up, what are you doing"

So yea she told me to sleep early. I slept right after dinner which was about 8.30 :3

I'm really tired now :( I couldn't even make nino gifs and pics and spam people because I was tired ==" but yea that bratty one pack turned 17 for the 11th time XD

And with that I shall sleep. I have a maths test for north shore tomorrow (well, today) and I have no clue what we have been doing .____.

June 15, 2011@9:35 PM
Season - 嵐

Hmm I basically like every Arashi song there is and I have quite a number of favourites as of now :/ But this is one of my most adored songs right now. It's called seasons and it was in their 'Kimi no miteiru fukei' album and they sang it on their tour. I love this song to bits ♥

fumidasu yume no oto wo bokura wa kanjiteiru
hoo naderu kaze ni hikari mitsuketa youna ki ga shite

saitana mo nai hana wo kimi ni todokeyou
kieru kotonai omoi to
tooku hanarebanarede mo kokoro hitotsu tsunagatteru

hirahira to hana ga mau koro tabidachi wo kimeta omoi wa
ima dare no tame de mo nakute
omoide wo dakishime nagara bokutachi wa aruite yuku yo
ima hitomi no oku ni kagayaku yume wa itsudemo itsumademo

ano koro akogareteta mirai wo aruki dashita
wakaranakatta koto sukoshi wakari hajimeta ki ga suru

meguru kisetsu no naka de kawari yuku boku no
kawaru kotonai omoi wo
namida kobore souna toki kimi no koto wo omoidasu

haru iro no kaze kaoru koro sumiwataru kono sora no youni
mou mayoi wa nani mo nakute
nando demo sakihokoru youni hajimari wo egaite yuku yo
ima arifureta hi ga kakegae no nai yorokobi ni michiteru

hirahira to hana ga mau koro tabidachi wo kimeta omoi wa
ima dare no tame de mo nakute
omoide wo dakishime nagara bokutachi wa aruite yuku yo
ima hitomi no oku ni kagayaku yume wa itsudemo itsumademo
itsudemo itsumademo...

I have finally finished-ISH my srp, I just need to make up a little more stuff for my log book and I need to print it out^^ NOW I CAN SLEEPPPPPPPPPP

Hehe I gave my hard drive to Jess today so she could copy my Arashi stuff. I don't normally let people take my hard drive home because it has all my precious babies in there, but she's an exception because 1. She's a J-pop fan 2. She's a Johnny's fan 3. SHE'S GIVING ME ALL HER NEWS AND HEY! SAY! JUMP STUFF ♥

lol she loves Hey! Say! JUMP and NewS and I want to make love arashi too ;)

June 14, 2011@10:41 PM
SRP SRP SRP, I still haven't finished..... to hand it in tomorrow, or not == that is a hard choice T_T

But yea I've decided to do the 30 day arashi challenge^^ This time I shall finish it D: I haven't even finished the others but meh I don't care :/

day 01 - Favorite Arashi song
day 02 - A rumor about any of the members that left you an impression
day 03 - An Ohno picture you can’t take your eyes off
day 04 - Favorite Nino cover (like the one he sings on Baystorm)
day 05 - Favorite AnS Moment
day 06 - Favorite Member Engrish
day 07 - Quote from a Non-Single Song (Album and B-side only)
day 08 - A Sho picture you can’t take your eyes off
day 09 - Favorite Arashi PV
day 10 - Whatever tickles your fancy
day 11 - An Arashi/Member moment that makes you laugh your ass off
day 12 - Member/s wearing the Wackiest outfit you’ve ever seen
day 13 - Favorite VS Arashi Moment
day 14 - A dream you had with Arashi/member, in great detail
day 15 - Favorite Arashi Quote (except from songs)
day 16 - A Nino picture you can’t take your eyes off
day 17 - The first Arashi-related drama you thought of the moment you read this
day 18 - Fave OTP or Member-Ai moment
day 19 - A MatsuJun pic you can’t take your eyes off
day 20 - Whatever tickles your fancy
day 21 - A picture of your Arashi Stuff
day 22 - Favorite HnA Moment
day 23 - Chibi Arashi picture
day 24 - An Aiba picture you can’t take your eyes off
day 25 - Favorite Arashi Solo
day 26 - Favorite Concert DVD
day 27 - Favorite Live Performance
day 28 - A Fanwork (made by you or others)
day 29 - Favorite Group photo
day 30 - Whatever tickles your fancy


June 10, 2011@11:29 PM
(via ohvenuss@tumblr)
I just downloaded this week's VS Arashi. Gonna watch it tomorrow on the train yerhyerhyerh^^

And I have STARTED my srp. LOL I've only done method and results and one sentence of intro :L Oh well...I will do it. Just need time. A lot of time.

School was okay today, except for lacrosse. One of the teams were playing so dirty I was literally thinking "bitch if you hit me one more time, I'M GONNA FUCKING HIT YOU. AND IT'S NOT GONNA BE FUCKING SUBTLE" Then I was just hitting her stick, not her and the stupid fag was like "OMG Don't hit my stick". Outside I was like LOL sorry inside I was like "YOU SHOULDN'T BE TALKING YOU LITTLE STUCK UP BRAT"

Yeah my brain just goes on a swearing spam when I'm pissed. wonderful isn't it? ;)

But whatever, bitch tripped and fell over. Karma only stinks like a bitch, when you're one.

I have to blow my hair and sleep now. Tutor at 9.30 tomorrow. ARRRGHHHHHH. I had to change to morning this week because I'm going to friend's birthday party at 4. Gonna go to city myself LOLOL.

forever alone.


June 8, 2011@9:56 PM
I finally got accepted for a job interview at Mcdonalds LOL. I hope I don't stuff it up tomorrow =="

and NINO MONTH SPAM yea that's pretty much what I need to say ;) 9 DAYS AND COUNTING^^

June 7, 2011@9:30 PM
Looking at tumblr codes is making me sleepy == I still haven't finished it. IT'S SO CONFUSING!! Now I'm trying to figure out how to make it look less dodgey...o-o

I just found this video superly adorkable >< so yea :) watch it ;D

I should be doing my science evolution research thing right now...Hmm I realised the reason I always procrastinate is because I never know how to start on assignments or homework o-o

That's why I will never get SRP done @_@ science can go bury itself in a hole and die TT_TT

I shall do the first 2 questions before I sleep^^

NINO'S BIRTHDAY IN 10 DAYS^^ I swear this brat isn't ageing D: He's turning 17 again for the 11th time ;D

June 5, 2011@9:01 PM

I was trying to code a tumblr lay again.... I failed again ==


I give on you....I'm gonna use someone else's lay LOL

I had chinese school today :) And I again brought my phone full of Arashi videos to watch with my friend ^^ I'm trying to ARASHI-fy here >:D So, I was just showing her the drawing of Aiba I did, since I was actually drawing one last week as well, but gave up because it screwed up and I didn't have a rubber. I showed her the drawing in my diary and when I was flipping through my diary, I flipped to this week's page and I saw "Monday: Circle geometry test"

.....fuck. a part me literally died.

I haven't even touched it and I LITERALLY (no joke) know nothing about circle geometry. I think I have maths 2nd period @_@ How very screwed I am.

But look, I'm dying inside but why am I still calmly procrastinating on my computer...? Frankly, I have no clue.

After class, I went to sit at the park with my friend to continue watching Arashi's drama Saigo no Yakusoku. Then her mom asked my grandma if we wanted to go to America in the holidays with her. Outside I was like "ooh that would be nice" but inside I was like "HELL YEAH I WANNA :OOOO"

But in the end, after like 2 hours of consideration, my grandma said no == She said we already went to China in April and we were going back again at the end of the year. And she said some shit about it would be dangerous in America because of the death of Osama Bin Laden ==

wtf Bin Laden?! Really, woman. Really?!!! D:

Anyway, I've been killing my net lately by spam downloading any arashi videos I find. I downloaded 2nd of June's Himitsu no Arashi-chan and VS arashi and I'm waiting for someone to upload yesterday's episode of Arashi ni Shiyagare. I CAN'T WAIT COS THE SCREENCAPS ON TUMBLR LOOKS SO FUNNY!!!~

June 3, 2011@6:11 PM

I've just been gif spamming on I'm sleepy :S

OMG FAR OUT STUPID PIECE OF SHIT WASN'T WORKING TODAY. I had to stop patching audition like when I was halfway, so I could retart this crap =='
Now I have to patch it all over again T_T

Anyway, I'm barely keeping my eyes open right now. Good night :3