January 29, 2011@7:34 PM

I submitted my first lay in 2011. My first lay in ages actually o-o. CLICK CLICK.

Coaching for this year started today and something AMAZING happened. Lisa CAME BACK :D She went to north shore with us before but left and went to year 10 class :( NOW SHE'S BACK :D Hehe one more thing, she's JAP! LOL kk I'll stop spazzing :L

Anyway, so coaching ended at 3.30 and since it's been so long we decided to go CYC again (Chatswood Youth Centre) yeh, it sounds bad. Before I went there, I thought it was a place for those gangsters and lads who smoke and fight and do drugs but no. No, it's awesome there and there's supervisors so they can't do anything ;D We always go to play pool LOL because it's free ^^

It was girls vs. boys and we lost in the first round BUT they lost in the second round in two goes because one of the guys hit the black ball in after he hit a red ball in ;D MUAHAHAHA suckers!

I'm tired now ._. Gonna start on my icons now :/

January 28, 2011@11:07 PM
I had a dental appointment today at 4 so I had to take the 3.28 train. My grandma got all pissy and raged at me for being 'slow'. Now, I wasn't slow at all and we made it to the 3.23. I mean, WTF is wrong with her ==" AND that's not all, I went to buy the tickets and she told me off for buying a Wynyard ticket because we're FUCKING GOING TO WYNYARD T.T alksjdf grumpy old people =="

Anyway, so I went to the dentist and he said I can get my bottom braces next month. Hmm...not sure if I should be happy or scared :/ I'm happy I'm advancing, but BRACES HURT DONT THEY? D: FML and my fugly teeth ._.

I've started using my iPhone ^^ But I need a new case cause the one mom gave me was blue and extremely fugly. And it's cracked. So, I need to find a chance to go to Market City to buy a new case ^^ CITY~~~

I've realised that inspiration hates me. I want to post something on blogskin, but I can't think of anything. Oh and I still have to make a batch of icons...what have I been doing for the past hour? =="

Ughh, on the even more gloomy side, school starts in 4 days...oh jolly...-___-

January 26, 2011@6:17 PM
My plane was a bit late yesterday and i got home at 10.30. My brother couldn't drive us either, so we had to train it. I was so sleepy :(

My new lay is really plain because I coded on my tiny laptop in China and it had no net. NO NET D: I died a bit ._.

So, China was awesome, like always. It's winter there right now, so it was freezing~ When I got out the train station at the airport it was like a frikkin oven D: I didn't think it would be this hot cos the airport had aircon on. WAAAAAAAH IT'S SO HOT!!

So, mom got me iPhone 3GS. She said to charge it for 6 hours so I plugged it in. When I checked it after I woke up. IT DIDN'T CHARGE :O The stupid charger didn't work ==" useless shit. My dad's contract ended too, so he got an iPhone too, but he hasn't used the charger yet so I took it ^^ MUAHAHAHA.

I was walking around Chats again today ^^ We went to that Pepper steak place in westfield and just when we were about to order, we saw the happy hour sign and we were like OMGOMGOMGOMG it's Happy Hour in 30 minutes, let's wait ;D

Yep, we waited ._. CHYEAH ASIANESS FTW!

Then we went to the youth centre to play basketball...Me being sport FAIL, failed. So I went to play chess 8D yah I lost at that too =="

Anyway, I'm trying to fix up all the song names, and I am no where even near half way ==" ciao guyz ._.

January 12, 2011@2:53 AM

My contract ended and mom got me an 8GB iPhone 3G because it was a 'cheap deal' that fit my $29 plan. Am I happy? FUCK NO.

My mom had a 16GB iPhone and I WAS gonna get it when she got her iPhone 4, but NOOOOO my brother took it and gave it to her girlfriend. FARKING HELL. I have an 1st gen 8GB ipod touch and it's ancient and I only have 111MB of space left. Therefore an 8GB iPhone isn't gonna make me happy == aishh not gonna bother anymore ._. I'll just have to live with the sad truth that my brother is a bitch and so is his girlfriend =="

But on the bright side, I'm gonna go buy a case for my iPhone. Any ideas what case I should get. Is someone bothered to send me a picture? :D If so, spam my cbox, please, because I need ideas :) If not, then oh well, nobody loves me T_T

Went Tseun Wan today^^ Ate yummy food and yea, I SWEAR THERE'S AN EYELASH IN MY EYE BECAUSE IT FRIKKING HURTS D8

January 10, 2011@9:42 PM
I'm still alive, people. Not dead. Not unbothered to blog. I just hadn't found the time and net for it...yes....that's a lie. I've been too busy being lazy :3


So I'm in Hong Kong right now and I'm very full. Just came back from sushi FCKYEAHHH. I bought these two pairs of on sale boots^^ One was 90 RMB :D HORHORHOR fake blue doc martens for the win :) And another one used to be 1500 HKD but it was on sale and I got it for 300 something HKD. win. Now I really want a pair of those bulky nike shoes :( But it's 799 HKD and so expensive D: dammit. I also bought some clothes - is very happy :D

I got my senior skirt done in China but it's still so long D: Gotta grow taller.

I'm using IE right now and it's pretty shit. My aunt's computer is so cramped, if I try to download Chrome, it will die on me. For sure.

I'm gonna go catch up on some bleach and drama episodes now hehe. Byebye. Oh and if someone reads this, can you tell Wanjing I've relinked her. Gay IE wont let me navigate on her blog :@