November 27, 2010@9:17 PM

1. My name is Eva Huang. Nickname is 阿黄 :)
2. I cut my fringe a little yesterday KEKE 8)
3. I'm a hopeless asian fob who speaks too much canto, and is proud of it.
4. Is seriously jap-obsessed.
5. My loves in life are my family, friends, j-pop, j-rock, c-pop, and shinee ;) (not k-pop)
6. I'm nocturnal o.o
7. I'm a crybaby ;) LOL

Okay, so my day today.

I bought two skirts and a dress for 100 bucks (now that I think about it, they were pretty but so expensive for my asian wallet D:) and cheap cotton flats and an SES shirt with a bow on it^^ It was so hot today, I got sick of changing and trying on clothes because I was getting kinda sweaty and gross D: But oh well. I had jap food again today. NOMNOMNOM. One of my friends were sick and missed out the north shore test D: damn her == But oh well, at least I wasn't lonered :D The teacher said no helping each other out in the test. She already knew no one was gonna listen to her 8D I managed to finish it, but wasn't sure if it was right o-o

I webcammed with my beautiful daughter mish today :) BUT she couldn't be bothered to change to using her laptop or get a mic, so only she could hear me and I couldn't hear her :( Then she decided history homework was more important than me, so she logged off D: So I webcammed with denise :) She's such a spastic child and I kept printscreening the weird faces that she makes ;DDDD She duh funny child :L

It is 9.30 right now and I'm not sure what to do :/ I might continue watching How I met your money because it is LEGENDARYYYY 8D And I'm meeting up with a friend tomorrow and going to Fiona's education to ask if they would employ me :L I hope they do o-o...


@9:15 PM
Guess what? I give up doing the 30 letters == I can't be bothered with it anymore so I'm gonna start another one. This time, it's only 7 days 8D I will be able to do this!

- 7 facts about me.
- 6 pictures that brings you memories.
- 5 things that make you mad.
- 4 songs that make me : smile, cry, feel good and dance.
- 3 things that I like about a boy/girl.
- 2 videos that always make me smile.
- 1 gif that describes my mood today.

November 24, 2010@10:05 PM
(via weheartit)

Hehehe I added a little bottom on the right bottom corner of my blog^^ It links straight to my page, which I have also bothered to re-decorate :D

Isn't she just pro 8D At first, I didn't know what to ask her to make, so suddenly, Rilakkuma just pops into my head! I'm having a Rilakkuma spasm right now. arigatou~

So, we did our science earthquakes test today. I was gonna study yesterday but I gave up completely =___= so, I tried to cram random stuff in before the test. Last minute studying will NEVER work guys ==

This test was one of those tests where you've already finished it pretty quickly but you know you answers were all bullshit :S Meh, oh well :L

I nearly fell asleep during the test LOL. But monica woke me up with a, "Pssst. Hey, what's infrastructure?" yea, teamwork baby (H)

I was so tired today, I took a nap even though it wasn't Friday yet. That makes up for the nap I didn't take last friday 8)

I should probably sleep now -o- Thursday tomorrow! I love thursdays because it's so bludge. BAIBAI and gnite^^

(taken and edited by me)

Hehehe I skipped so much because I couldn't be bothered to do the others :L

So, throughout my 14 years, 8 months and 20 days on Earth, many people have left memories, both happy and sad, with me. But the one I chose is about pre-school :)

I don't really remember other people who went there, but I remember two people, my uncle and this guy. HAHA no he wasn't my crush, but he was just very chubby and nice :L LOL chubby kids are kawaii kayy :L
Oh and before you ask, yes, my uncle is only a year older than me and no, I don't have any cousins :S
I'm close with my uncle because our ages are so close together, so we'd always play together, but I still remember pre-school year 1, I was in a different class...

Pre-school would start at about 7.30 I think it was and we would go to school and I remember a little chart thing on the wall with little pocket things for you to put strips of paper - red, green and yellow i think :/ These were indicators for if we were sick or if we have a sore throat. For example, if I had a sore throat and I couldn't eat any fried food, I think they would put a red tag on it, to let the teachers know not to serve me those food because YESH lunch was eaten there^^

Although I don't remember that clearly, in my mind I can still remember always playing this roleplaying game in the little playground. We would get to choose to be either: police, doctor, supermarket sales or jsut normal people. We would get fake money and even get little costumes (doctors wore those white lab robe thingys).

I still remember the 'pool' too. The water was so shallow, it came up to a little bit below my waste :') and me back then was tiny. aahhh the 'pool'.

I remember always being the slowest when it came to eating, but although I didn't remember, my great aunt told me that there was another girl in my class who would always be standing to eat with me, because we were both so slow ;DD

Then, it would be nap time~ Before the start of a semester, we would bring our freshly washed blankets and when we took our naps, we would pull down these hard, wooden, 'beds' from the wall. Although they weren't comfortable, now that I think about it, I'm sure I had a good naps :)

I went to China when I was 3 months, so I went to pre-school there. I remember how much the toilets stink. I don't go there anymore, but my aunty, who is 8 now, went to that pre-school, so me and my uncle used to pick her up from school (that is when I go to China for holiday) and visit the teachers. Surprisingly, they still remember me!

Haha, one last thing I still remember from pre-school...I came back to Australia when I was not yet 4, and China school terms have different times, so tbh, I haven't graduated from pre-school xDD
When my aunty graduated from pre-school, she had this book thing with photos of her pre-school and her classmates and this picture of her wearing the graduation robe and hat. I felt devo that I couldn't get one too T_T

So yea, reminiscing the pre-school days is pretty fun^^~

But now, back to present, I have a science test on earthquakes tomorrow TTATT I'M GONNA FAILLLL~~~ I haven't finished writing notes and I think I'm gonna sleep soon, because last night I kinda slept a bit later :/
so baibai peoplez~


November 20, 2010@6:54 PM

Okay, so I haven't been blogging daily lately. I was 'busy'.....*cough*

I was bored the other day (wednesday), so I was randomly looking through tokyohive at school. Then, I saw this 'manga being made into live-action movie' post so I read through it... Now, there was a picture of the cover of the manga and the drawings were nice so I thought I'd read it, since I don't normally read manga, but shoujo mangas are the best 8D and yeah so I started reading it that night. It was so addictive I stayed up till 2 reading it ^^" I was so proud of myself for finishing it on Thursday~ So right now, I'm looking forward to the movie 8) It's coming out next year o.o


Haruna Nagashima gave her all to softball in middle school, and now that she's made her high school debut she's decided to give her all for a new goal. Getting a boyfriend and falling in love!
However, she has one small problem. Since she never paid any attention to fashion or trend in middle school she has no idea how to go about attracting her yet-to-be-found love. But a chance encounter with with Yoh Komiyama provides her with the opportunity she needs. If he coaches her in how to become attractive, surely she can find herself a boyfriend! (Source: myanimelist)

November 16, 2010@8:57 PM

HAHAHA had a little (17 again) Zac Efron spasm yesterday 8D......teehee :D

Today was okay :) Had Jap first up and guess what I got for my test?? 69 ;)
LOL and no I didn't asian fail because it was out of 70 :P

Then, it was a period of trying not to fall asleep in history and complaining about the heat in recess. English was full bludge and tbh I don't even remember what happened anymore ...

I forgot my book for commerce today and I thought I would be doomed ;L Good thing our teacher weren't using books today. And she's awesome - didn't give us any homework and hasn't for the past week or so! LOL

Had a little volleyball match against a bunch of really tall sporty people after lunch and OMG WE!!!!!...failed badly .___. Oh well, we're not sore losers so no not gonna argue :/

Then spent another period listening to PK duck talk about random stuff and show us fail laggy videos that went "Now we ca- see the ---'s cr--t and ho- blah blah blah *lags* *gets cut*"

Haha after piano today, I got a text from a friend telling me to go Hursty so of course I was like "NO do you think I can be bothered to go to that hole" :L

But then he said my friend from coaching was going ;DD Changed my mind completely :L

So after some, not much, nagging, my grandma said yes 8D BUT if I miss the train that comes at 3.19, I'd probably go 'psssht cbb anymore -__-'

Yup that's me ;D

November 14, 2010@6:30 PM

I've been in a cbf mood lately. I didn't want to blog without uploading the photos from when the japanese exchange students came. But my camera was in my cupboard and I be very very very lazy ;)

Anyway, I really can't be bothered to upload any more photos so yesh *points up* That's my buddy up there^^ Her name's Ayumi and she's SO ADORABLE xD even though she's 16 and in year 11... She's a bit taller than me LOL

omo I look so stoner in that photo == I had heaps of fun and I hope I'll get picked next year too~'s been a few days so I can't really remember what happened @_@ I'll skip to yesterday :L

I bought people's presents yesterday and for Angela (hope she doesn't read this) I bought her this chicken thing that is made of plastic and extremely squishy^^ like a stressball :L I took it out and showed it to my friends at tutor but then they started going spastic over it == Then, they started throwing it around but the bad thing was, I couldn't chase after them because it was a windy day and I was wearing a short dress T_T Yea I velly smart -___-

This guy had nothing to do for one hour while he waited for his gf to come so me and my friend kept him company....for a little while, until I couldn't be bothered anymore so I went home :) Aint I a good friend?

I nearly melted today == Although I know it's gonna make an ugly mark in my hair, I've been keeping my hair in a fountain pony tail LOL the one that's like high up on your head so it doesn't go in your face or on your neck :L

November 9, 2010@9:25 PM
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I had quite a good day today^^ Got commerce and english marks back and I was quite happy with it :)

Hmm someone from my childhood would have to be Karina :)

I still remember the first day I met her...I went back to China for pre-school but came back half way during kindy so that was when I met her. I didn't know any english back then. Not a word. But she could speak some canto so the teacher appointed her as my buddy and to explain stuff to me.

We have been through a lot and even our parents know each other. She goes to my chinese school, so even though we don't go to the same high school, I still see her every sunday at chinese school ^^ When holiday comes, we always have joint family outings to random places and of course, we have heaps of fun :)

I will never forget a friend like you k3 ily^^

Hehe it was so embarassing today, I was choosing a song to listen to while I walked from the station to school. When I was concentrating on my iPod screen, I stepped on a banana peel and slipped on it == Luckily I did not fall, just got 2 awkward stares ==

Anyway, I think I'm gonna sleep now. Jap exchanges coming tomorrow^^~


November 8, 2010@9:42 PM

I just had a shower when my mom said we were going out for dinner so I quickly blew dried my hair :) I felt to warm and fuzzy after ^^ a typical asian in a toilet with nice lighting, I decided to luvo xD

and no I do not know why I look so devo in this picture :/ IM NORMALLY A HAPPY SPASTIC KID 8DD

But yes, to all the people who actually bothered reading my last post and clicked the link,
Did you enjoy the 'illision'? ;DDD
And for those, who didn't, GO CLICK IT :O I beg you D;

So, I said I was planning on blogging yesterday, but my dad disconnected the modem to repaint some wall, so I died ==

On Saturday, my friend asked me if I could keep her company while she studied for sc trials, so I said yes since my life is pretty boring and depressing already. I went to the library with her and we started chatting...We then realised getting work down would be pretty hard. But we managed (A) She was doing maths while I was being a total noob and just copying chinese stuff down. After studying 'hard', we went around looking for food. In the end, we went to this really cheap and nice japanese restaurant and I ate udon, while she ate rice 8) WE ASHYUN ;)

Afterwards, we went to this Youth centre and played free pool (Y) So yea, nothing interesting afterthat ._.

Went to chinese school and found out one of my friends is going back to hong kong to study :'( GONNA MISS HER SO FUCKING MUCH TTATT But I'm now thinking of a farewell city/iceskating outing...shall organise it ^^

After going home and taking a shower, we went to this local bar place, where my brother's girlfriend works and OMFG the food was so nice~ I stuffed myself like a pig @_@

Then, went to see their cat and new house. Yeh was pretty late then.

finally TODAY.
Everyone was either at Duke of Ed or Food tech so classes were pretty empty. I was stuck with denise most of the time. Yea I know. YUCK. AHAHAHAHA JKSJKS ILOVEYOU ;)

Oh and before I go, DENISE: I did type this ninja speed ;)

November 6, 2010@5:31 PM
shit this is seriously scary ==

i actually screamed T_T
anyway, click it^^

Hmm well...I'm not really especially close with any particular BS-er :/ so I thought I'd dedicate this post to all those pro blogskinners out there :)

Have you noticed that many of the pro blogskinners are from malaysia or singapore, like Anna, Puiling and Geng Hao and many others D: But yes, not that other countries don't have pro people. Gabby's pro too 8D

meh I actually don't know what to say but that you guys are just very very very pro :O and I idolise you guys ;)

So yes, my day...

guess what? IT'S FRIDAAAYYYY!!! I'm very happy 8)
On the train back home today, I was just talking with some friends on the train when suddenly my friend was like "hey isn't that xxxxxxx's brother?"

Of course I was hi and wasn't really sure so I asked (kinda loudly) "HEY ARE YOU XXXXXX'S BRO?"

LOL he looked kinda scared :L pfffft shush i was feeling high after sport 8D


November 4, 2010@6:46 PM

Yesterday, I got physically wounded by someone who i think has long nail *cough*DENISE*cough*

I hope it doesn't scab up or if it does, I hope it heals before wednesday T_T

So yes, what's happening next wednesday? Well, japanese exchange students are coming to our school for a day and out of the 2 year nine classes, 5 people from each class has been chosen from each class to be one of the hosts that day. Being the jap-obsessed child I am, I got chosen 8D HORHORHOR. You see, I don't try as hard for other subjects ;D

So yes, the wound. It was during basketball and we were trying to get the ball, somehow, her nails landed on my face and before I knew it, I was bleeding == Well, good thing it was just pretty shallow :) so yesh, it shall heal! :D

Anyway, I'm actually trying to do maths homework right now o.o But I didn't blog yesterday, so I thought I'd blog before I go into my cbb mood. that's all for today. baii ;)

November 2, 2010@11:10 PM

oh why hello thar ;]

I have just finished typing and sending my wide reading log I had to do for english ages ago. At first, I was thinking, "Meh, I'll do it when Joyce Kwan does" thinking that she would never do it. Not even in a million years. But surprisingly, she had already finished, quite early too...

So, I kept procrastinating and telling myself I'll do it tomorrow and finally I've finished it. It's so full of bullshit though == Out of the 3 books I wrote about, I only actually read one of them. I wikipedia-ed the others. The power of google (Y)

Anyway, so today in PDH, I was thinking what I should do my next icons/banners batch on, so I asked denise. At that time, we were getting handed sheets about sexual harassments and straight away she answered me, "SEXXXXX"

really denise? really?! *gives the flossy stare*

But anyway, still thinking what I should do it on ._.

But now, I shall go sleep now -o- I'm so sleepy It's nearly 12 and I have an english test tomorrow. Oyasumi nasai~

November 1, 2010@10:56 PM

AYEE new skin^^ Was getting bored of that one so I thought I'd make another one. ohmytaco I'm so tired from coding this == And I just realised (again) that I procrastinate too much. MUST STAY OFF BLOGGER D:

So day was kinda boring :/ Nothing much to blog about.
OH I FREAKING WANNA WATCH SAW 7 but it's R rated T^T I'm too young...
tired.sleepy.shall go now. bye