October 31, 2010@9:38 AM

HAI :)

Just here to say I made a new batch at Neonworms (clickie)

I shall (maybe) blog later today. Nothing to talk about right now except for the fact that I am really hungry @_@


Okay. So, I completely forgot about the 30letters thing...I'll do it now

The person I miss the most....Hmm...

I miss many people actually. My relatives in China; a best friend that left to korea in year 5; another friend who also left to korea in year 3, primary school friends that I haven't seen in a million years (not literally).

Most of these people have been with me through many happy and sad times and together, alot of memories have been created. And of course, I would want to see them again.

But that doesn't mean I'm not happy with the people I know and still see right now. I feel lucky to be able to be a part, even if just a little, of their lives and happy for them to be a part of mine.

Missing people is often a sad thing. But that's life :/


October 30, 2010@6:14 PM
Hello darlings I have skinned

So, I haven't blogged in a while. I've been busy...and very sleepy 8)

When I got home from school on Thursday, I took a shower, dried my hair and went and took a nap because I've been up till 1 lately 'studying'...and tumblring, so I thought I'd award myself with a nap. But yes, so my gran woke me up to have dinner and after dinner I practised piano, because I just had a commerce test on Thursday, and I thought, "MEH no homework".

Then, denise sent me a text asking me if what the science article (that we had to find) was supposed to be on...

I thought...crap, there was science -o-

So, I actualy finished it in like 30 minutes, but I thought I'd go on the computer for a while longer, since I took a nap that day. But time flied by, and before I knew it, it was 12.30 =="

I woke up feeling very much dead...

So on friday, I took another nap, but this time, after I ate dinner, I went back to sleep 8DDD
That was kinda the first time I slept earlier than 9 in so long! I felt so alive this morning :D

That was kinda my week :)

I left a bit early to meet up with 3 other people who went to my tutor :) I met up with one of them outside my apartment and then we walked to mandarin centre together. We sat down, and she took out her laptop and guess what? :D Yes, we started taking luvos with the webcam ;DD

Then, one of the guys that we were meeting up with, saw us and shook his head...

Apparently guys don't take pictures with their webcams? O_O
We be no lifes ._.

After the four of us went to get Easyway, they tried to shoot pearls at us but we were smart children :) We hid (Y) Then, our maths teacher saved us HORHORHOR :]

October 27, 2010@8:23 PM
HORHORHOR i has joined Nuffnang too :3 So if you're a lovely nice passerby and don't mind giving up 5 seconds of your life and just clicking it, then you will be loved :D

Anyway, denise suggested that we get Nuffnang so I thought...meh why not? (:

Oh do visit her one and give her a click too :3 (link in exits).

So yes....now I'm off to studying for commerce ._. If I finish before 11, I'll come and continue blogging about my day 8D

October 24, 2010@9:27 PM

Hmmm I haven't been blogging lately :/
So anyway, my weekend....

I got home on Friday feeling quite good because I got distinction for WESTPAC maths competition :) LOL i never expected it; I think I got participation in year 7 :L

But yeah I was really tired so after shower, I blew dried my hair and took a nap^^ FELT SO NICEEEE~~~ So my weekend wasn't all that interesting :/ Just the usual wake up, breakfast, internet, piano, chinese school/coaching, internet, shower, internet, dinner, internet, sleep....

aishh too much internet @_@

I can't be bothered to blog now o-o and I have PE yearly exam tomorrow but I haven't started doing anything for it ==
then it's commerce on wednesday and then history on friday

October 21, 2010@9:05 PM
WAKAKAKA I've been hardcore tumbling lately :/ But yes, might take a break from reviving it in the weekends :)


well...yea try... :S

Anyway, my day:
alskdjfhalskdhjf i do not know what happened. THERE'S THIS FRIGGIN WHITE BLOTCH THING ON MY BAG D: and I've only used it for two days =="

In the morning, the computer guy had to take our computers, so I had nothing to do for the whole day T_T
Thursday is a bludge day so it was horrible without laptop :'(

Hehe I am actually writing out my commerce notes atm :)
...I wrote like 3 points since an hour ago :/ so no I'm not really getting much done ==

shall go do it now *disappears*

October 19, 2010@10:19 PM

HEHEHEHE my first batch of icons clickie clickie

ANYWAY, so my friend had bought me a jap bag ages ago, but he had yearly exams so couldn't come to chats to give it to me, but today he finally had time and came to give me the bad^^

yea...I'm kinda spazzing right now still :D

But yes imma go to sleep now. Have maths and science yearlies tomorrow and no I have not studied =="

October 18, 2010@10:30 PM

OMAHGAHD i died when i saw this gif xDDDD KUNGFU HUSTLE k3 forever :D

anyway, I have joined a grpahic site called Neon Worms and I am currently working on my first batch...and failing to understand how to make it look nice with photoshop @_@ anyone know any good programs to use? o.o

So yes, I have finally decided to revive my tumblr...kinda so do me a big favour and check that shizz out for me? :) and follow ;D

aishh I think there's stock take for our laptop either tomorrow or wednesday...that's where mr. lenovo the laptop guy and he goes and looks through your laptop, making sure there's no illegal stuff and deletes everything =="

I should start deleting my movies hahaha xD

anyway, so I should have icons up tomorrow :D aishh i should be doing my maths and hsitory == but i ceebs ._.

October 16, 2010@12:04 AM

Aaah finally friday again^^

Hehe was working on a new layout in science today but ended up having to start again because internet was gay ._. AND aaah GC is so cool :L Was playing with the transition effects like a noob little kid 8DD

I had sport today and we had to go to fitness first. IT TOOK A LIFETIME TO GET THERE ==" And when we got there we passed all these nice treadmills....but ended up going into this super dark room with bicycles o-o My ass still hurts from cycling for 40 fucking hours T_T" But yea the cool thing about it was it had those purple..umm not sure what they're called lights that make everything white glow :3 So our white PE shirts were full glowing :DD yea...i get amazed by these things :')

Yesterday, I nearly thought it was friday and today, it felt like I had school tomorrow as well :/ Must be what 3 nights of science report homework cramming does to the mind @_@

I really should be sleeping soon *-* having been sleeping that well these few days :'(
So yesh, bye dear readers :) Hope you have a good day/night/afternoon/...evening? :S

kay back to 30letters :L Day 12 — The person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain and Day 13 — Someone you wish could forgive you were kinda n/a because I don't think there is anyone that has caused me that much pain :/ I get over things easily :) and i don't think anyone's pissed at me right now :S well not that I know of anyway...

so yes people I have drifted away from... Hmm...I don't really now actually; My parents only started letting me out with friends since the end of last year and I only started meeting people from going on random birthday outings with friends like these few months i think O_o and I always try talking to them as much as possible because I really don't want to lose contact :(

aishh but I bet after I stop chinese school, I'm gonna lose contact with my chink school buddies :'( the lame retarded but still awesome people that I have gotten super super close with since I first met them, no joke. I was a year lower but because I knew a few people in their class and this other guy in my class knew some people too, they would come over to our classroom every break time to play big two or bullshit (cheat) with us^^

But back then I just 'knew' them, but the next year (this year) my year combined with their year because their class was too small to make a class. That was when I actually got super close with the 5 idiots that are my unbiological siblings (L) i will miss them but I hope we will not fall apart k3

loool super long letter :L well not really letter

hmm for my day...go refer to denise's blog LOL she has it explicitly written down ^^"

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October 11, 2010@9:24 PM
aishh first day of school today T_T fml fml fml fml *is extremely depressed*

But putting that aside :3 NEW LAYOUT^^ I was being a spastic in science trying out the toggle code 8D but no i am not spazzier than denise ;) so yea spent my whole science lesson and some of history skinning and asking denise if she knew what out teacher said, and of course, like always, she shook her head ^^"

It was terribly trying to wake up this morning @_@ I woke up at 12 the day before because holidays are the best, so falling asleep was pretty hard :/ I remember getting up to go the the toilet because there was nothing else to do and the clock read 1 am ==" yea... I pressed my alarm's snooze button a million times before I finally decided to get up :')

I stitched my tunic up in the holidays and I was so scared my grandma was gonna full tell me off for being 'too short' but guess what she said? ==" She looked at it and said, "Did you stitch up your dress?!" me..." ummm yea did it ages ago" her..." you stitched it BAD. It's all crinkled. You really suck at sewing"

meh...never really said i was good -___-"

but anyway, I should be doing my science reports right now, but all I managed to do was the aim and hypothesis...ALSKDJFHA FMLFMLFMLFMLFMLFML TT^TT

yes I should go now :3 and maybe actually finish the method :S
oh and i shortened my posts to 1 day because it looked ugly with 2 posts ._.

October 9, 2010@10:10 PM

Anyway, I have been lacking sleep lately watching Hello Baby SHINee version!!!! It's hilarious~ and everytime I watch it I'm just laughing like an idiot in front of the computer ^^"

To all you Onew lovers out there, no offence but I didn't find him that good looking before BUTTT after watching Hello Baby i think he is just ADORABLEEE~~~~ so yea :3 gonna try get inspiration for an Onew skin^^ WAAAHH Onew appa is so kiyowo~~

anyway, nothing much to blog about today :/

hmmm i went coaching ...YES finally i don't have to do english coaching anymore :D that means i go coaching at 3.30 instead of 2 YERHYERHYERH :) more time to internet or 'study' *shifty eyes* LOL ye my rents said i have to read and shit -____-

anyway, school is in 2 days TT_TT I'M GONNA FUCKING MISS YOU HOLIDAYS!! and denise, if you're reading this: no, i haven't started on my science reports AT ALL ...^^"

so...hmmm...i might start them tomorrow...maybe ._.

October 7, 2010@12:16 PM

aye it's been a while aye :') kept on going...hmm i'll blog tomorrow..FINALLY i bothered :L

anyway yesterday i went to mish's house to do history crap and stuffed ourselves with food :3 I overslept because tuesday was epic (shall talk more about this) and i stayed up talking on msn and watching kevjumba videos (H) SO yea it was 9 and my gran came in to tell me it's 9 cos she didn't know my train came at 9.14...i was getting ready in like lightning speed :D although i was late i was very proud of myself that i got ready and arrived at my train station in 20 minutes (Y)

anyway TUESDAY!!!!
it was a friend's birthday party so he organised a bbq :P
i came with two of my friends and i waited for them at chats...
alskdjfh they were late =="
then we were late ._.
but when we got there, there was like only 1 girl and the others were just stoners staring at the stove waiting for the sausage to sizzle ==" 2 of the girls came later because they went to get their belly piercing o.o it looked painful...
but anyway, it was awkward cos no one was talking so we went to the seesaw near the bbq area...
We were pretty full at the bbq actually, even though the others said they didn't eat anything :S because we there was a while when nearly everyone just suddenly disappeared and went off except for me, gina and these two randoms...that was cooking the chicken so we just kept eating and eating :L
oh the two of them made that sausage house thing when we left the cooking of the sausages to them ^^"
anyway the girls came and it was lightened up a bit :D
after bbq we went to city and stupid dumb fucks ditched me, geena and angela at central ==" they went to town hall galaxy world so we had to walk there, but oh well WE SAW JOYCE TAM ON THE WAY 8DD
after hectic rounds of air hockey :L we went to K square and left a mess because someone spilt my coke :L just covered it with tissue (H)
then we went to hungry jacks but only one person was eating ^^"
last place we went was to this thing called the secret room; basically each room is built to look kinda like a real house ..kinda and if you rent a room for an hour, well for our one it was, it was 45 bucks and we had 9 people so everyone only had to chip in 5 bucks each^^ anyway there was pool, Wii and other games that was included :) we had heaps of fun ^^

Ahhh i met heaps of new people but too bad we were too busy and forgot to take a group photo :'( but yea i stayed up talking on msn and watching kevjumba videos that night :L:L

anyway last night...well this morning at 1-2 LOL umm i stayed up again talking on msn with this korean dude and we had this lame arguement over if SHINee or KARA was hotter. I mean wtf they're not even the same gender ==" but yea SHINEE'S HOTTER (Y)(Y)