July 28, 2010@10:08 PM

horhor it's been a while since I blogged so I thought, Hmm I'll blog today :3

Went blog hopping and i found some blogs that gave me inspiration for a jap style blogskin CHYEAH xD --->link

hehe well anyway, school was ghey like usual and denise was ghey too ;) but yes first was the touch football test, i epic failed that >_> what the hell does 'settling' even mean D: and the first question was just stupid -___-

Then it was library...I actually nerded and read 8DD OH i haven't blogged about it yet but I'm such a good girl - I signed up for library monitoring >:D and did a whole lunch time worth of checking the shelves. I SWEAR people fail at putting books back -.- we  (me and mish) found books that were 'F WEY' in the B section and others like that =="

Jap was just ghey cos we have stocker <> she's so slow at teaching i swear >:(

it poured today and the whole day was gloomy and tiring -,-

After lunch it was a whole double period of maths O_____________O" OMFG i hate maths >_> skrypay just gets gheyer and gheyer by each day =="

Hehe denise blogged about my epic nerdiness too 8) We had to do trial maths commons and skrypay was being a anti-techno again :( but this time I actually did some work *nodnod* denise copied a lot *nodnodnodnod* i fell so proud of myself :DD

It was supposed to be One dollar day at 7-eleven day but 7/11 fails >:(

I'm getting sleepy now =____= gonna go sleep now; Ciao~

July 23, 2010@5:18 PM
WAKAKAKA first week of Term 3 finally over -_____-"

i was dying...TT_TT

But yes, I is being a no-life again and working on another BS :L

Oh and before I forget - Jess Peng gave me an arashi poster :D :D
I was spazzing when she asked me if I wanted 8)
and FINALLY i found a j-pop lover like me :') We were spazzing and fangirling today in the computer room when she brought in two magazines she bought in japan which was full johnnys <3

*sigh* I'm a dedicated j-pop fan girl :)

July 22, 2010@11:15 PM

haha joyce that no life got a blog >:D and a cbox >:DD spamming time >:DDD

teehee i feel like such a good girl; i finished my log sheets :D:D:D

and guess what? i just had dinner == at like 10.20 cos they came home late from canberra...yep VERY LATE -.- I was so hungry my stomach was making this really painful sound D:

but yes I'm full now and I had a 'ju gerk gerng' egg 8D

teddy bear temp ;)

and yes congrats for the 2ns SOTD in a row :OO *clapclapclap* you should dedicate your next one to me ;) it should have EVA=very cool :D


July 21, 2010@10:23 PM

WAKAKA congrats dai lou on your SOTD; and on your first skin too D: pro child ._.

I feel so noob;

but yea, we da htmling buddies 8D

I made a new skin; sea breeze 8) Tried to make it more simple now -__- since my other ones were a bit messy.

My day was D< cos I had school OMFG school sucks SHIT :'( so much homework already...

but yes I must sleep now; school tomorrow >:'(

July 19, 2010@10:14 PM
话GUM快又要翻学啦 :'(

ima so sad DD:

I was really UNproductive this holiday .__.

BUT surprisingly i didn't watch that many dramas chyeah D<

 i was html nerding A LOT 8DD

ima advertise like a nerd now :DD

I have 3 skins:
rawr-bescared, fly away, and meow :3
visit my blogskin?

but anyway enough of that...
I went fam funday on sunday 8)

Out (my friend and I) fam friend came back from Macau for a while and I couldn't recognise them :OO I thought they were some random fob couple ;D

but yes, i cbb blog so here's a picture:

hehe im so pro 8) i took this picture; guess who the two ppl are? yep you guessed right, randoms :D

It poured like crazy in Melbourne ==

But anyway I cbb talk too much about it; and I shall upload photos that I took tomorrow....maybe; but anyway, my mum knows someone from the hotel so they got a limo to pick us up when we got to the airport^-^ I was spazzing - first time on a limo *nodnod*

The hotel itself was AWESOME and the swimming pool was so nice >.<

...Phillip Island and the ghey rocks aren't worth mentioning :/

TOY STORY TOMORROW with crys and erica 8D

Hehe before I go to bed; ADVERTISING TIME :DD

Before I went to Melbourne I made an account on Blogskins cos I'm obsessed with BS-ing write now 8) BSing is not bullshiting; it is Blogskin-ing (Y)(Y)

But anyway, I made all the images and stuff I needed but couldn't get to actually typing up the code before I had to leave for melbourne...so...being the asian nerd I am, I typed it up on my iPod and I finished it before the second day -_- But I couldn't remember the codes for the entries and nav and archives so I left it until I came back and voila I finished

My BS account is blogskin.com/me/hachortle
please pay me a visit ;)

July 11, 2010@10:09 PM
went on a family 'fun' day today -.-

It was okay...but still kinda boring ==

First went to circular quay and then watched this man do street acts. He was hilarious :DD He made everyone laugh so hard, and most of his audiences went and gave him money after - which proves he was pretty good and funny ;)

Then got on a ferry and went to paramatta... there was not much to do there though >_>

anyway, I can't be bothered to blog today. Just finished packing for melbourne tomorrow TT_TT I'm gonna miss my computer and blogger and facebook so much *cries*

But yes...goodbye whoever reads this and see you in 4 days *nodnod*

July 9, 2010@11:00 PM

Hehe today was a hectic day :3

We went to mish's house and had an AWESOME time :D

We had to get to Strathfield station by 11.15 so I had to take the 10.22 train...BUT I went to the asian supermarket nearby to buy something for family Tsang; and this stupid slow EPIKLY slow shopkeeper took her time D: and then when I was lining up to buy the ticket, the train was gonna leave in like 1 minute, and it was obvious I was getting impatient and in a hurry but NUUUUU this idiot came and took the machine - looked at it - pressed something uberly slowly - looked at it some more - and left without even buying a ticket. I mean wth??!! Waste my time cos you wanna check the price O_O What a fag -_-

and so I missed the train ==

I got there and saw crys and erica :3 Then we went out of the station and what did we see? 3 identical looking girls sitting on a bench all with bangs :DD waving at us :L:L It was angela, esther and susie :)

The first thing we did when we got there was walk around..A LOT 8) We went around pointing, laughing, and looking at all the pictures Mish had at her place and we found some that were ancient-ISH :3

Then it was mafia and that was good cos we won in both games :3 I don't like being mafia -_-

HOTPOT WAS DELICIOUS; おいしかったよ~ Mish kept on giving me vegies cos they 'help me poo' =.= yea tyvm...There were still a lot left so unconsciously, while the rest excluding me, mish and her sister, stopped eating and just sat and played chinese whispers^^" We kept and I only realised they stopped when esther asked How I could still be eating >.<

Then we did a few rounds of cherry drop and esther and mish's failness was velly velly funny ;)

Twister was fail since I was wearing a dress DD:

yea...it was just very fun today overall; thank you mishy for letting us trash your house ;) and mama tsang for your yummy food :P

Tomorrow is my friend's birthday so we are going to the city to celebrate it kinda :P meh I don't feel like going anyway anymore though...but it's her birthday so I can't say no lah~

July 7, 2010@12:44 AM
yea...im an epik no life when holiday comes and I made another template ._.

Which one looks better?

and for those who haven't seen my previous one, I left it on my texting blog --> http://thisuckshit.blogspot.com/

thank you darlings and bless your face 8D

yeryeryer for the new layout :D Thank you to denise who bothered to send me her template so I could study it 8D; Hai! I'm so proud of myself ;)

It took me a while to work out the structure of it and with the help of different templates, I managed to work it out (Y)

...I'm such a wannabe nerd :L

But anyway, my relos (aunty and her mom) arrived here in Australia today, and they will be staying with us for the next month :D That means I have company (Y) The two single beds are coming on Thursday so that means them two and my grandma are sleeping in the double while I sleep on the sofa in the living room :/ Oh well, it's actually really comfy here^^ Because we have a long and soft sofa (H)

I had piano theory lessons today and while we waited for the last person to come, we were playing with my piano teacher's son, Jedi. He's so cute >w< But yea, when she came, she needed to go to pee, so we had to go with her down to the pool toilet. We wanted to play with Jedi so we brought him with us >:D

After we came back up, theory lesson started. We actually got through a lot this time :O and Jane made us chips (: Near the end of the lesson, we were quiet and we suddenly heard this music sound thingy coming from this room they store toys in. Of course, naturally we freaked out and went in to check what it was because no one had touched anything at all :S

Alicia saw this rabbit and suddenly noise started to come from it (or something else) and like us chickens we screamed and ran out of the room :/ yea...we brave little kids D:

When I got back, it was straight away dinner because we had to go pick up my relos from the airport. On the car trip to the airport, I was trying out this iPod transmitter thing that my mom gave me to test on the car. At first it kinda worked...and then it failed and i didn't understand why >:( But then when I realised it still kept working after I unplugged it from the car, I worked it out. It actually uses radio wave thingys to transfer the sound and yea...I'm such a noob D:

I was waiting so I started spamming denise >:D she was nice and replied to my text unlike someone*cough*mish*cough* who replied only after I arrived home :P But anyway, when they arrived and we were waiting for my dad to come pick us up, I prank called denise and pretended to be a curry pizza man 8D She's a fail noob - didn't know who I was ;)

Now, this is important, my relos bought me a thermos cos I needed one and guess what brand it was? BUBEE!!! Now I can have spaghetti in my Bubee just like crystal does :DD yesyes I'm a lame little girl^^

Phew..this blog is so long O_O but yes I have finished now so good bye and Bless your face ^o^

July 4, 2010@12:51 PM



看不見你的笑 我怎麼睡的著
沒有地球 太陽還是會繞
沒有理由 我也能自己找

你要離開 我知道很簡單
你說依賴 是我們的阻礙
就算放開 但能不能別沒收我的愛

看不見你的笑 要我怎麼睡得著
你的聲音這麼輕 我卻抱不到
沒有地球 太陽開始環繞環繞
沒有理由 我也能自己走掉
是我說了太多 就承受不了
也許時間是一種解藥 解藥

July 3, 2010@2:00 PM
yatta!! I put up the comments :] credits to denise for helping me with the code^^

now you can leave me comments - you know you want to ;)

July 2, 2010@10:47 PM
This post is dedicated to crystal because she claims she is the one who spread the onion heads  :D

So yea...

onion head emoticons...(stolen off somewhere...)

Onionhead or 洋葱头 believed to be no strangers to most habitants in the web, especially those who played messengers. You will see lots of animated or non-animated cute Onionhead emoticons. It’s all over the web and you can get it for free. Now that I’ve curi (steal) it from someone’s sharing site, I will post it here for you to curi as well.

Now, meet mr.hoho ->

(GHEY animated gifs dont work on blogger ==)

WOOOOTT I have joined and been accepted in the f(x) Brand New Miracle site :D do visit ;)

But first, I just want to say....MY TEETH FRIGGING HURTS -________-"


well...i don't really have much to say so I shall go back to my noob NOOB EPIKLY NOOB icon making :L

byebye Bless your face :)

July 1, 2010@10:52 PM
Hehe I came home today and saw my parents opening this flat box and revealing a TV!!! TEEHEE yes I'm a happy child :D

Ughh...getting my back 2 molars pulled out tomorrow; and I'm panicing TT^TT" What if I die from loss of blood; or even if i don't die, what if I go into chock from too much pain @_@

*sigh* in other words, i hate it bruh!

Hehe but yes, that aside, it is holidays :DD

Im gonna leave this to be short cos I cbb -.- ima go and start on my blog template^^ html is so hard ==

Bless you face 8)