June 29, 2010@10:49 PM
WAHAHAHA I finally bothered to cover my maths book :D my new one...

I kinda stuffed it up at first though; the contact was so smooth and straight that it stretched too much on the book and make the book bend >_> yea...i epik failed it ._.

Then, my dad came in, saw it and put on that you-suck-i-pity-you look and walked out of my room with my book and fixed the contact for me^^ without a ruler like the noob me.

Yea, my dad's back :L I forgot he was coming back today so when I got home and heard this man voice behind me call my name, I was thinking, "What the shit?!" but yea... i realised it was him ;DD

Also, I sent a message to the f(x) new miracle site so maybe they'll let me join; I'm making icons^^

I'm such a noob icon maker. I see all those pro people and I think...*facepalm* i suck :'(

Well, my laptop ran out of battery so I was uberly bored in geo and english and science. But fear not, I shall charge it tonight so I won't be bored tomorrow *mr.hoho*

June 27, 2010@9:26 PM
I'm sorry but this is gonna be a rage rant about jerks, kients and jerks ==

Guys are such jerks == They think that playing with a girl's feelings are so funny *slaps them with a smelly tuna fish*

So, what happened was girl A liked guy B and guy C like girl A. One day, guy B told girl A that he liked her and wanted her to be his girlfriend. Of course, girl A said yes and they were gf and bf. Then, about a week later, guy B told girl A that girl D (who supposedly is a half sister) liked him too and knew about girl A and his relationship but didn't mind him double-dating girl A and her at the same time. Guy B went to girl A and told her about it and she got angry and broke up with him.

Then later on, she finds out that he made the story up to break up with her == what a jerk >.< and also, he only asked her out because he knew that guy C liked her and wanted to 'try if he could win him'.

I mean what the shit is his problem?! If he doesn't apologize and somehow make up for it, I'm gonna make him completely disappear from her life >:(

and if you're reading this, I'm sure you know who you are; FUCK YOU D:<

@11:40 AM
WAHAHAHA one more week of school left and it would be holidays :DD

meh...but on the last day (friday) I have my bottom 2 molars pulled out DD;

I have been obsessing over coding lately 8) But it's so confusing @_@ I spent the whole night coding something yesterday, and in the end, it failed >_>"

But anyway, it is the last day of this term for chinese school today and we will be having a mini party ;) I shall be bringing my salt and vinegar chips *spazzes* can't wait :D

Something else, I've been obsessing over with is DANCE ACADEMY!!!! It's so good!!!! and Christian Reed (Jordan Rodrigues) *sigh* isn't he just adorable >w<

June 17, 2010@10:32 PM
Me and denise has brotherly love ;)

But yes anyway, today was an okay day of:
- sleeping on the train
- cramming in last minute english review in the morning
- reading fullmetal and looking at funny pictures with kimbo in Non-scripture (it's hilarious :D)
- Trying to keep up with Mrs. Sharp as she speeds ahead like always
- Eating half my lunch at recess
- Getting told off and moved the the front by Skrypay ==
- Realising there was not much point because she moved denise too :L
- Doing an english comprehension test and wondering what 'Geracian' meant T_T

yea;i had an okay day ;)

I cbb blog today because it's 10.21 right now and I'm sleepy =o=

I just realised I hadn't seen my husband choichoi all day today D:D:

good night peoples :)

Aaahhh....how much I love UP <3

June 13, 2010@11:11 PM

Okay I will recount this from beginning to end if I can remember ;)

We went on the bus at about 8.45 and we set off for (something) tops - forgot what it was called @_@ The bus trip only took 30 minutes so it was good (Y) Our bus arrived there first even though our bus was the last one. We had to wait for the other ones since our bags were on that one. It was cold standing there waiting ==

We went to the meeting hall and got our little welcome and then we went to our cabins. C1 IS AN AWESOME CABIN!!!! But anyway...after that I think we had our first activity - I had absailing. Or maybe it was lunch...

Absailing was epic even though I'm a chicken scared of heights. Getting up the ladder was freaky and that was just 5m. Having the courage to stand there at 10m was hard D: Going down wasn't that nerve recking, it was going up on the ladder and standing on the platform that freaked me out ._.

Mission Impossible was next and although alot of people said it was stupid, I thought it was really fun (Y) MI is just where you're given the first instruction to go somewhere, to find the next clue. I was a map reader, so I had to stay at the front along with Michelle Feng, who was the Navigator, and Kim Dan who was the Scout. IT WAS TIRING == keeping up with Kim dan is like doing cross country four times over.

Lunch was yummy, I think we had this chicken thing with noodles^^ I wrapped my plates up in tissue and put it on the table but that was what I shouldn't have done :( When we were packing up, Esther thought it was rubbish and put it on Susie's plate so Susie put it in the bin D: The only way to solve this was to go through the rubbish. Esther thought it was her fault, which wasn't and was such a dear to go through the rubbish with me: i love you dear <3

The dinner was yummy too :P We had lasagne and spaghetti >.< yummy stuff it was! and desert was pavlova (: After that I quickly went to take a shower and we went to watch the night movie - she's the man :)

At night we played mafia until 1 and had a D&M until 2 ==" I slept at 3 D:

The next day my first activity was giant swing!! it wasn't scary at all - just funfunfun (Y) then it was leap of faith...i...i..i was too chicken to do it ._. so I just went and played card games with christabel...

High ropes course looked easy and fun from the ground but when I climbed the ladder, I realised that it was NOT low. I shook so much D: The tire part was the hardest though >_>

Then after dinner it was the dress-up trivia night. After seeing Kerry and Nalini's tweedle-dee + dum I admit my one was crap and a rip-off >_> they were SO CUTE >.<

but yes the last activity I had before our camp coming to an end on Friday was archery. Our team won by one point - 193 and my highest was 22^^

*sigh* cmap was so fun but now it's over school is gonna be back soon and ima DIE!!! science assessment and test on Tuesday and I haven't done anything ==

June 8, 2010@10:23 PM
*sigh* time flies~~ Tomorrow is finally our Year 9 camp!!!

Actually I'm not THAT excited...>_>

I have a feeling I WON'T be homesick and cry this time == but if it is sunny I shall be HYPO AND VERY VERY HAPPY 8) so fingers crossed :X

My suitcase in year 7 was actually packed by my grandma so I said I'll pack it this year myself :D but....i failed ._. I was stuck on where I should put my pillow and limiting myself on the number of clothes I should bring...In the end I couldn't even bring teddy-san :( 

My grandma came in and said,"This is not how you do it. Bun Sau Bun gurk!"

yea...and she started me off and I did the rest >_> kinda...she helped me fix some more after....and then a little more after that *facepalm* Ima DIE on Friday putting everything back in D:

On Thursday night, there is a dress-up trivia night. I didn't even want to dress up == but everyone was saying I was a party pooper. GHEY T_T Now I am going to be one of the fat boys (a skinnier-ISH version) in Alice in Wonderland. I'm gonna look so noob compared to the rest of my cabin @_@ fml

But yes I shall leave you now because Eva needs her sleep zZZ... and see you in 3 days maybe >_>

normally, I'd probably die surviving in a tent but if there was such a pretty sky, 
anything's worth it ;)

I was good girl this week =w= I haven't watched ANY asian dramas yet....

I've been watching to much anime =="

There is an english report research task thingy that is due on Tuesday ._. I haven't started yet orz

But yes,let's not let the ghey stuff make us sad 8) Today is a 'not rainy' (not sunny either) day and my friend's coming over hehe^^ AND i still have to do my chinese homework >_>
I have been abandoning cheeseontoast lately because I can't find inspirations to take pictures @_@ and I don't really feel like using papertissue photos ToT

SO I have set myself something to do tonight I shall look for something and take pictures and tumblr and cheeseontoast it >:D if I can be bothered 

哇哈哈哈!look what I found :D

My net died for a while when I was reading manga non-stop; it probably couldn't take loading all those pics @_@ so I went on the website that provided it and downloaded like crazy >:D >>>potato-otaku has kaichou wa maid-sama<<<

my poor net :DD

I shall go now and see if i can find something to take a picture of O_O 拜拜 ^-^

June 3, 2010@9:16 PM
GHEY why does it have to rain so much -.-

The sky just started to pour. 1 minute later, it stops ==" and now it just started again...@_@

NUUUU I have been abandoning my blog again :( But after a while I shall become a daily blogger again CHYEAH...later

The laptop hasn't been helping Yr 9's with work at all; in fact, it's worse now ==" People luvo in class, play games, google chat, watch stuff, read manga (that's me), play pokemon and whatever's possible that people can find :| yah not helping at all.

Just like today in English - we were taking luvos and just not listening to the teacher. Geography is a very good example - When Ms. Pigeon talks, it is already hard to concentrate or try to listen to what she's saying and now that we have laptops to play games and watch videos on, no way we're learning anything.

Laptops is also a very delicate object >:( It will break if you're not careful and YOU'LL have to pay for the repairs. Hah! It's all about money >_>

Now that we have laptops, we are abandoning our books and I have a feeling I'm going to epik fail my science test for atomic theory .__. Learning off the computer is hard; VERY HARD TT_TT

But although I say this, I love my laptop <3 It's free and I'm asian (Y)

We are going to camp next week and I don't think I'll cry this year. Let me make this clear: last year I was just feeling really really horrible because:

1. It was near the start of the year-ish and I wasn't really close to you gorgeous ppls ;)
2. I was still recovering from my holiday/china state, therefore I was sad that I had to leave China
3. I had my P at that time and I was really REALLY REALLY sad D:

and yes I will leave you now with "Kuchibiru Kara Romantica" by Triple A (AAA)

hehe and for people who don't really watch the MV's I put on; I shall put a music player on soon so you'll HAVE to listen to it >:D