October 31, 2009@11:04 PM
happy Halloween minna - san!

gina was very hungry (Y) so i drew pictures of food on my page; she was more hungry after that :L micheal made us all laugh by being a funny fag; 
mr. frost:  [talking about nonsense about today's work]
nancy: what is he talking about? is this history? *rolls her eyes*
me: *dazed* im sorry i didnt hear a word he said...the words kinda just went past me...

i wonder sometimes...does jacky EVER bring more than his booklet, a pencil and rubber to ns...


we found a snail in the middle of nowhere on the path; we rescued it from people's feet just to bring it back to be tortured by us :L

after theory; jane made us garlic bread and we were playing with a NIVEA beach ball; but then we got busted by her husband [didnt really tell us off but still] i showed her my composition thingy and she played it on her flute; her flute is very nice o.O she tried to play the trumpet and failed very badly x.x

susie forgot her commerce book at home, so i had to scan most of the pages in my book for her; i thought it would only take me half an hour but it ended up being one and a half =="

so very tired la; ima sleep now; 886


October 29, 2009@9:50 PM
sh*t. science yearlies tomorow; and i havent even really studied x.x

i wrote a summary; kind of; but i dont think it's enough; prolly go study more...

我今日做左數學功課啦! 餃到我好捆啊!

i like thursdays; there's band; and i like band; had to play 3rd trumpet by myself; i feel so n00b; LOL emily left intermediate band, so turtle has to play 1st trumpet all by herself; she thought she sounded horrible but there was nothing wrong with it to me...

i uploaded the asian squat photo was fb the other day; the comments section turned into a i'll-break-you-balls-off-tomorow-at-school forum 8D

and note to 阿叻 i like toast =w=

October 27, 2009@9:33 PM
we made caramel muffins today; it was delicious; but one of them died; i had to take that one ><

it was funny because at first i didnt see the pot with all of the mix except for butter; so i went and poured some milk... but then i had to waste it by pouring it down the sink, in case the teacher saw that i stole milk; TEEHEE

susie burnt her finger, she put her finger under the tap, and i told her to put her finger in a jug with water instead; she did; until someone told her she had to put her finger under a running tap; oh wellz.

we had sub for jap; turtle kept on saying "she's pretty" until she sounded pedo-ey; maths test tomorow; i should study; maybe on the train...

October 26, 2009@10:01 PM
stupid old phone cant go on net ): i like moo moo (:

we kinda fully bludged the first period of commerce; mr. allum said he'd take us to mcdonald (as a joke) and played tennis -without actually playing it- we asian squatted; fun fun hehe

the pic stuffed up; fixed it today; making another layout; nearly done^^

piano lesson today; after the lesson, jane gave me cake; yummy cake with yummy icing ><

i get distracted so easily it's not funny o.O

today was a pouring day; sad day; cold, windy day D: 

October 25, 2009@8:51 PM
pretty picture that i made^^


October 24, 2009@7:43 PM
i like toast; dont dis it!

blew dry my hair --> and it feels so nice today (:

ns was funny today; i got lost in maths o.O we spent the whole lesson trying to figure out how to do eg.4;

Q.2 5 years later, father would be 3 times older than son.blahlahblah...how old would son and father be
and i somehow got -7 years old for the son =="

dont ask me how i got -7; i dont know; ray ray went pee pee with jenny 8D

ha.you sped 
amy: aren't i the sexiest woman alive
me: *cough* what do you mean woman? you mean man, dont you?
amy: i can live with being the sexiest man alive...*nod nod*
me: huh?!

[stolen from my friend]
without God our week would be sinday, mournday, tearsday, wasteday, thirstday, fightday, shatterday. If you are not ashamed of God then post this as your status for the daay. 7 days without God makes a weak. ♥

@12:49 AM
First week of yr 8 term 4 over =w= and it's weekends

the first week is always so tiring ==" and science - last lesson - always feels so boring and slow; maybe its just me *-*

i thought i lost my jumper today, again o.O i looked everywhere until after school i looked in my roll call room; it was there :D

went to theory like all fridays; jane made us chips. i noe - very fatty; i was carrying jedy ( jane's son) and before i knew it, he was dribbling on me ><

My bro's mp3 broke, so i have to give my itouch back to him ==" my dad's giving me his, so i dont really care (:

nothing special today ._. so i be going to bed now

October 20, 2009@9:48 PM
dammit school's started again =="

god. its school hell again. came back from china on sunday; got serious JETLAG; came back to school half asleep the next day XP

it was awesome in china; we went to hangzhou then shanghai; it was so prettiful in HZ so i took a lot of pictures with my superly awesome phone [which is now unuseable, sadly] when we got there we spent a whole day >even at night< walking around 西湖; it was pretty at night and we let off a kind of hot air balloon thingy , but not with people, that you make a wish with *-* im so bad at explaining -o- in the morning, i LOLed so hard coz when we were walking around it, there was this woman that was wearing what resembled pajamas - im not being mean - it was rly funny ^-^

when we went to 普陀山 it was like a war there o.O We had to climb up the mountain which took nearly 2 hours or maybe more; when we got back to HZ and stayed at some nice hotel: it was like paradise (:

then it was time to take the train to shang; we went to this hotel that was pretty nice -- and it felt like paradise to what we stayed at in mt. putuo; the funny thing was when we changed hotels the next day, me and my aunty havent had our brekky yet, so we were looking for food until we came across fami-ma (family mart) yea; i bought this onigiri thing and she bought a bun <--that was our breakfast

so much happened during this holiday but i cbb right about it >.>

i'm getting sleepy now; so i be going to sleep now =w=