August 11, 2009@8:54 PM
someone took my trumpet from the music room;idiot didnt try looking inside to see if it was someone else's...
or maybe they stole it ><
*sigh* i had to borrow the school's one today coz i had tutorials ;(

oh no;commerce test on thursday and science common on friday;
havent even studied yet - still writing the summary for science D:
textiles going okay;finished the part for the zipper, but that's the easy part
then there's putting everything together and decorating.
was ust gonna leave it plain...but changed my mind~
probably do something on the back...

so much to do;i couldnt even blog these few days until today >.>
but I'll add oil [加油]
and byebye

August 1, 2009@8:04 PM
first week of school over;FINALLY!
back to school again *aiyah*
already. i have a science project and an english task to do...
the science project i can manage...but english;wtf?!

seriously obsessed with final fantasy 9 and nice classic songs right now;
dont think there is anything to do with each other. but yea.

i was watching finding nemo on channel whatever it was today;it was so funny now that i watch it again, especially when dory was speaking whale...

well, anyway, people at school are bitching about each other again...
why do they do that?!
i dont know what to do except for nodding and pretend to agree
it's very sad ><

something else i saw on the net and heard from someone that was [EXTREMELY SAD]
people were getting killed in very gruesome ways in iraq and stuff just because they dont believe in their religion.
i mean if they didnt do that they would be like any other country.
They could even be a country that people take holidays to.
but NO;they want to get violent and behead people.
and i came across this video of an egyptian guy being beheaded.
it was just disgusting;when the guy was cutting off his head. The floor was just red and it was literally spurting out.
he didnt even cut it off in one go, but was nearly slowly sawing it, which was what made it disgusting.

well...i'll watch something funny before i sleep so i dont get nightmares.
bye for now, not forever